Paul Smith Women’s Chile Print Shirt. Produced in France from fluid viscose cloth, this lengthy-sleeved t-shirt features multiple-colored woodcut design Chile printing through.

Paul Smith Womens Chile Print Shirt

Paul Smith Womens Chile PrinT-Shirt

Paul Smith Women’s Chile Print Cotton T-Shirt. Made in Portugal from premium 100 % cotton-jersey, this multiple-coloured team neck area T-t-shirt features woodcut-design Chile produce.

Paul Smith Womens Chile Print Cotton T-Shirt

Paul Smith Women’s Navy Artist Stripe Trim Sweatshirt. Made of 100% wool and minimize in secure typical-suit, this long-sleeve navy sweatshirt characteristics Musician Stripe trims along sleeves and waistline.

Paul Smith Womens Navy Artist Stripe Trim Sweatshirt

Paul Smith Women’s Black Embroidered Numbers Cotton Blend Sweatshirt. Made out of delicate pure cotton-merge, and cut in cozy standard-fit, this extended-sleeve black color sweatshirt capabilities an stitched white repetitive figures pattern throughout.

Paul Smith Womens Black Embroidered Numbers Cotton Blend Sweatshirt

Paul Smith Women’s Blue Floral Photo Print Sweatshirt. Produced in Portugal from 100% natural cotton, this crew the neck and throat sweatshirt characteristics azure Flower Picture produce throughout.

Paul Smith Womens Blue Floral Photo Print Sweatshirt